A water softener is a small appliance that is installed in homes that have hard water problems. A water softener uses salt to help soften the harsh minerals in order to make your water more tolerable for your body and for your home. Hard water can leave stains on your faucets and a buildup of calcium, and it can dry out your skin and your hair as well. A water softener can be installed in any home, new or old. If you aren't sure how to install one yourself, you should hire a professional plumber to install one for you. Read on for a few signs you need a water softener.

Your Faucets Are Disintegrating

If your faucets are getting ruined and needing to be replaced often, it could be because of the buildup of calcium. If you have too much calcium buildup on your faucets, it will eventually chew through the plastic and metal. Your faucets may also need to be scrubbed more often to clean the calcium buildup off of areas like the faucet head. You may also notice that the water isn't coming out of the faucet head properly because of the calcium buildup.

Your Skin And Hair Is Dry

If you have an issue with dry skin and hair, or your hair is falling out a lot more often, it may be due to your home's hard water. If you have hard water, you're going to notice it in your skin and hair. You should have a water softener installed to help with this. The minerals in the hard water may react differently with your skin and cause dryness. You may also have brittle nails as well. 

Mineral Buildup And Hard Water Stains On Everything

You're going to have mineral buildup on every surface where you have water. You'll have a ring in your toilet, a ring around your skin drain, and other hard water spots as well. Anything your water touches, you'll notice this buildup. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to remove these hard water stains.

If you have hard water, a water softener may be best for you and your home. Hire a professional plumber to have a water softener installed for you. Installing a water softener is not too difficult, but it needs to be done properly to ensure it works as it should and helps with your hard water issues. Hire a plumber today to have a water softener installed. For more information, contact a company like Ecowater Systems.