Don't ignore seemingly minor plumbing issues, such as minor clogs, even if they are not directly affecting your daily activities. Ignoring plumbing issues is a big mistake that will bring trouble to your home. Residential plumbing systems are susceptible to damage because of their constant use, causing them to undergo a lot of wear and tear. Therefore, as a homeowner, it's advisable to pay close attention to your home's plumbing system's condition and performance. Hiring a professional to address residential plumbing issues as soon as you notice them will keep your plumbing system healthy for many years. If you suspect that your plumbing system may be failing, it is important to hire a skilled plumber to perform detailed inspection and repair. 

Keep reading to see the common residential plumbing problems you should never overlook or disregard as a homeowner.

Clogged Drains

Your drains may develop clogs due to a gradual buildup of food particles, hair, oil, or other substances. Once your drains get clogged, water will start draining slower than usual in bathtubs, toilets, or kitchen sinks. If you ignore this problem, debris will block your drain lines completely. In such a situation, water may not drain at all. Therefore, it's advisable to hire a plumbing contractor to eliminate the seemingly minor clogs before they worsen, which will prevent further problems. 

Low Water Pressure

A sudden decrease in your home's water pressure is another residential plumbing problem that you should never ignore. This problem occurs when the valves in your plumbing system are malfunctioning or worn out. It may also happen when your main water supply is clogged or leaking. A certified plumbing contractor will identify and fix the specific problem causing low water pressure in your home. 

Burst or Leaky Pipes

During winter, you may experience burst pipes in your home when water freezes inside your water line. When your pipes burst, they will start leaking, which may cause severe water damage to your property. As a homeowner, this is a plumbing problem that you should never ignore. It requires the immediate attention of a professional plumber before more problems occur. 

Taking care of your plumbing system is one of your key responsibilities as a homeowner. It is not advisable to overlook even the plumbing issues that seem minor because they may worsen within a short period and cause trouble in your home. Hire an insured, skilled, and licensed plumbing contractor when you notice any of the plumbing problems discussed above. For more information, reach out to a local plumbing company, like Spartan Plumbing Inc.