Your plumbing is something that generally works fine and then stops working suddenly and unexpectedly. When this happens, you will likely want to call an emergency plumber to get your pipes fixed and water flowing again. Here are some common situations where you'll need to call an emergency plumber.

Pipe Burst

With the cold weather of winter already here, it is possible that you will have a pipe unexpectedly burst in your home without warning. This is definitely a situation where you'll want to contact an emergency plumber because you'll be without working water in the places in your home where that pipe was going to.

If you have an emergency shut-off valve prior to the part of the pipe that burst, you will be able to cut off water to just this section of your home and continue using your water as normal. However, if you don't have an emergency shut-off, you will have to shut down the water going off to your entire home. This can leave you without any working water until you can get that pipe repaired.

Drain Backup

Do you have drains in your home that are not flowing like they should? It is possible that some drains near the top of your house empty out into drains located on lower levels or that the water doesn't drain at all. This is likely a situation where you have a damaged sewer pipe that has collapsed. An emergency plumber is going to investigate the problem by putting a camera in the main sewer cleanout and then see what is obstructing the pipe. If the sewer pipe has collapsed, they will recommend that you excavate your yard to replace the broken sewer pipe. If it is just a bad clog, they can clean out whatever it is that is causing the obstruction. 

Water Heater Repair

There are many reasons that a hot water heater can stop working unexpectedly. It could be that the heating element has gone bad and the hot water heater is no longer able to get the water hot again, or that the hot water heater is leaking water and it needs to be repaired. You won't realize how important your hot water is until it completely stops working. Bring in a professional to investigate what is wrong with the hot water heater, and order the parts necessary to get it up and running again.