The toilets in your building probably miss out on much of the credit they deserve, but when there is an issue with the toilets in your building — it causes real issues. Fortunately, there are some practical measures you can take to keep your toilets functional and keep your clients and staff happier.

1. Forgo the Premium Paper

It is natural to what to accommodate your clients and staff, but there are some areas where you may have to hold back. The type of toilet paper you choose is one of these areas. You may want to forgo plush premium paper and choose a more lightweight material. 

Unfortunately, it does not matter how many signs you put up in the bathroom or how many company-wide emails you send out to discourage everyone from flushing large wads of toilet paper. Some people will still somehow ignore your request. With a thicker paper, flushing too much paper at one time will almost always lead to a clog, whereas with thinner paper blends, you can sometimes bypass this outcome.

2. Install Convenient Alternative Waste Containers

Sanitary napkins are a major threat to commercial toilets. While most people would never dare to flush these products at home, some people are less thoughtful when it comes to a business. To promote the practice of these products being placed in a waste container instead of the toilet, make sure you have waste containers installed in each stall. If you have these containers right inside the stall, people will likely use these containers.

3. Hire a Facilities Team

When you think about a facilities team, you may not necessarily think they play a role in protecting your toilets, but they do. Often, how someone treats a bathroom will have a lot to do with the way it looks. For example, if a person walks into a bathroom with a dirty toilet seat and an empty seat protector pouch, they are likely to line the seat with layers of toilet paper; layers of toilet paper that they will eventually flush and open the door to a clog. Having someone on staff to regularly clean the bathroom and ensure all the supply containers are full can help deter this type of behavior.

These practical tips can go a long way in keeping your toilets functioning correctly. However, in the event that you have an issue or you need a plumbing repair, contact a commercial plumbing professional for help.