It may be alarming to see a crack in your toilet tank, but it doesn't necessarily mean you need a new toilet. A plumber might be able to make repairs depending on the nature of the crack. Here are some options for dealing with a toilet tank crack.

1. Small Cracks Above the Water

Tiny hairline cracks above the level of the water in the tank might not even need repairs. Since water doesn't reach the crack, you won't have to worry about water leaks. You do have to worry about the crack spreading. You might want to take a watchful waiting approach and call a plumber if the crack gets bigger, or you can have the crack patched so you don't have to worry about it. Tiny cracks in porcelain can be filled in with plumbing epoxy to stop them from spreading or leaking.

2. Cracks Under the Water

You probably want cracks filled when they're under the water, even if they're tiny. The risk of the crack getting bigger and leaking is not worth taking. If the tank cracked while you're away, your home could sustain a lot of water damage. A plumber can fill in small cracks by draining the water and plugging the cracks with waterproof epoxy and letting the epoxy dry before allowing the tank to fill. Your plumber may not recommend these repairs if the cracks are very large because of the risk of the repairs failing.

3. Large Cracks

A plumber knows when cracks can be sealed and when the tank has to be replaced based on the size of the crack. Since you want to eliminate the worry of a crack suddenly getting bigger and allowing water to drain on the floor, it's often best to replace a tank when the crack is too large. Toilets usually come in two pieces, so it might be possible to just buy a tank and keep the bowl in place so the plumber doesn't have to replace the entire toilet. If you need to order a new tank, consider if it's time to upgrade your toilet, because it would be the perfect time to have a new toilet installed while the plumber is there to make repairs.

While it's often possible to repair a toilet that has a crack in the tank, the same might not be true if the crack is in the toilet bowl. The bowl has to support your weight when you sit on it, so a crack, even if repaired, could make the toilet weak and susceptible to further damage.

If your toilet has a crack, call a plumber check it out so your home isn't at risk of water damage. Quick toilet repairs could save you from the expense of replacing flooring and drying out your home later due to a bad toilet leak. Contact a toilet repair company to learn more.