The leaves are falling, and so are the temperatures. Now all of the windows will be closed and the heat turned on. With that comes dry and itchy skin, splitting hair, and possibly even an occasional nosebleed. Your furnace fills your home with lots of dry air over the winter. As the air dries out, so does your skin, your hair, and even the inside of your nose. The good news is, you don't have to trip over humidifiers placed strategically throughout your home this year. Instead, it is time to consider installing a central humidifying system.

What is a central humidifying system?

A central humidifying system is tied into your home's heating and cooling system. The unit works much like a small, portable humidifier, but you won't have to fill it up and deal with having one in each room of the house.

As the heat is pushed throughout your home through the duct work, so is the moisture that the humidifying system is producing. A waterline is run to the unit to provide it with an unlimited amount of water. This means, your home is supplied with enough moisture to keep your skin soft, your hair moist, and your nose from bleeding.

What are the benefits of a central humidifying system?

Other than the benefits that were mentioned earlier, increasing the moisture inside your home will also make it feel much more comfortable on those cold winter days. Warm, moist air feels much warmer than warm, dry air. This will allow you to keep the temperature setting a little lower for the furnace. Doing this will reduce the cost of heating your home over the winter—just dialing it back two degrees can make a substantial difference during the year.

Another benefit is that you will have better control over the amount of moisture in your home. When you use those small portable units, the walls and windows will often begin to drip with condensation because too much moisture is filling the space. Eventually, all of that moisture will become absorbed into the building materials and your decor, and mold will begin to grow.

Talk with a local plumbing service to learn more about installing a central humidifying system to your home's heating system. You may be surprised at how much better you feel when you are at home—all of the benefits without battling with all of those multiple portable humidifiers.