There are various plausible reasons for abandoning a septic tank. Some of the reasons could be major house re-construction, relocating the onsite wastewater treatment and disposal system for health purposes, and connecting to the municipal sewage system once it is available. Either way, abandoning the septic tank is a necessary and wise thing to do.

Diverting incoming wastewater supply

The first step to abandoning a septic tank is diverting the incoming wastewater from the previous septic tank to the new one. In case of connection to the municipal sewer, a licensed plumber will install a permanent cap in the old sewer line. In the case of a newly relocated septic tank, the succeeding wastewater supply must be re-diverted there. The idea is not to let additional water accumulate in the old septic tank.

Septic tank pumping

The second step to septic tank abandonment is septic tank pumping. Call a local septic tank pumping services provider, such as John Manning Plumbing, to pump out the contents of the septic system. It is important to remove the contents of the tank because if left untreated, they may deteriorate and result in an unexpected collapse. If your septic system uses an alternative method or pump lift, hire a licensed electrician to disconnect any electrical wiring from the system. Either way, septic tank pumping will ensure that the septic system has been dried up to prevent chemical reactions that may result to collapse and other problems.

Refilling the empty septic system

Lastly, you should refill the emptied septic system with compacted clean soil. Most of the time, the components of the septic tank are crushed in place and mixed with clean soil to fill up all trenches in the septic system. It is rare to excavate and remove septic tanks and drain fields from a site of an abandoned septic tank. If you do so, make sure that the retrieved tanks and other materials are properly handled and disposed of.

Improper abandonment of a septic tank can pose safety and health hazards. Without septic tank pumping and covering, the old septic tank may continue to accumulate wastewater over time. Without proper maintenance, it may collapse or result in the overflowing of harmful chemicals. Over a long period of time, an abandoned septic tank may end up being built over by roads and building foundations and, if left unfilled, it may collapse and cause deadly accidents. Thus, keep in mind that you need to be responsible when abandoning a septic tank.