A clogged drain can be a big nuisance when it's slow to drain, and it can become a big problem if the drain clogs up completely. Unless the clog is near the top of your drain and easy to grab with a removal tool, it's usually best to leave drain cleaning to a plumber. Here's a look at why do-it-yourself (DIY) drain cleaning methods may be ineffective and even dangerous.

Drain Cleaners Are Toxic

Drain cleaning chemicals can be dangerous to use. A splash can burn your skin or harm your eyes. If you have kids or pets, it's risky to store these products in your home. Even if you throw the bottle out as soon as you use it, you still expose yourself to toxic chemicals and strong fumes while pouring it down the drain. Chemical drain cleaners are so strong that they can even damage your pipes and have a negative effect on your septic system. What's worse, drain cleaners are often ineffective so you expose yourself to danger for no reason. If the chemicals don't clear the clog, they can stay in the drain and back up in your sink and make it dangerous to use another drain cleaning method.

A Drain Snake Is Difficult to Use Correctly

You can buy an inexpensive drain snake to keep around the house and use on mild clogs. These may not work on a deep clog, and the problem with using them is that you may push a clog deeper into the drain where the snake can't reach it. You can rent a more powerful drain snake, but these can be expensive. You may want to consider if a drain snake is the best use of your money when a plumber could use a commercial snake safely and effectively for just a little more cost. Using a rented snake isn't as easy as it seems. You may waste your money and not get results. You might even scratch or damage your porcelain sink or toilet if you don't use the snake correctly.

A plumber has tools for cleaning a drain quickly without harming you pipes or sinks. Some tools that might be needed are a pipe camera, snake, or a hydro jet, and these might be difficult to rent yourself. Besides having the right tools, a plumber has the experience needed to avoid creating bigger problems, which is always a possibility with DIY plumbing repairs.