Just because septic tanks handle foul-smelling waste doesn't mean that they can handle everything thrown at them. In fact, it may surprise many people to find out that septic systems are very sensitive to many factors. Even slight variations in these factors can significantly lower the effectiveness of septic systems, leading to problems such as foul odors around the home.

One of the main problems that affect septic tanks is cleaning products. Although you may view your septic system as a dirty part of your home that could actually benefit from some cleaning, the opposite is actually true.

How Septic Systems Work

The most important thing in septic tanks is the bacteria that is found inside. These bacteria will break down the solid waste that comes into the system leaving behind a combination of scum, sludge and an effluent that is harmless enough to be discharged from the septic tank into a leach field or other systems that can slowly release the effluent or evaporate it.

Without the anaerobic bacteria inside the septic tank, the waste will simply accumulate in the septic tank. Soon enough, the foul odors will start to escape.

The Problem Posed by Conventional Cleaning Products

Conventional cleaning products are designed to, among other things, kill bacteria. Unfortunately, most of these cleaning products are quite indiscriminate and will kill most bacteria they come into contact with. This includes the same bacteria that serves as the heart of your septic system.

If you use these harsh cleaning products, they will find their way into the septic system and kill most of the helpful bacteria within. Although there are many things you can do to help your septic system operate better, cleaning it is not one of those things.

Things that Can Actually Help Your Septic Tank

If you wish to help your septic tank and keep it in good running condition, you should do the following things:

  • Ensure the drain field is operating properly so effluent can be effectively discharged after treatment.

  • Pump the tank regularly to remove the scum and sludge that will accumulate after some time.

  • Avoid disposing of inorganic matter down the drain as these will not be broken down by the bacteria.

  • Recharge the bacteria required to break down waste regularly by pouring sour milk down the drain.

If you have to do any kind of cleaning in or around the home, consult a septic services company to get recommendations for septic-friendly cleaning solutions.