A modern water well can be a feature of your property that may encounter little or no problems for many years. However, the well may one day stop providing water for your home. This can be a disruptive and stressful problem to encounter, but it is one that can be remedied once the cause is found.

Watersource Depletion

Among the more serious causes of a water well failing can be that the water source that supplies it becoming depleted. This can cause the water level to drop low enough that the water intake line is no longer submerged. If the water level has dropped, it is possible to correct this issue by drilling the water well deeper. This can be an expensive repair, but it will be necessary as the water level may not return to its previous level. It will also help to lessen the impacts that droughts or other times when the water level temporarily drops.

Pump Failure

Moving water from the well will require a powerful pump that is capable of moving the water from deep below the ground to the surface and into the home. If this pump fails, it can immediately stop the flow of water to the home. Depending on the type of damage that has occurred to the pump, replacing it may be the most cost-effective solution to repairing this damage. A well pump replacement can be an expensive repair to make, but these pumps are designed to last for up to a decade, which can avoid the need for this work to be a frequent need. Buying a water well pump with an extended warranty will also help to protect you from the costs of making this replacement for your system.

Clogged Water Intake

The water intake for the well system will have to remain clear if the system is to get the water that it needs. Over time, there is a chance of mud or rocks entering and clogging the water intake. This can both stop the flow of water from the well while also significantly damaging the pump. If the pump continues to run without being able to move enough water, it can actually burn itself out. Freeing the water intake may seem like it will be an extremely difficult task, but there are tools that a water well contractor can use that can break up these clogs and push them away from the intake's opening.

If you have no water from your well, contact a well pump service.