When your home has a basement, it's easier to spot foundation trouble since you can see the slab and concrete walls. When your home is built directly on a slab, the slab is covered with flooring and there may be drywall that hides cracks in walls. However, there are other signs to watch for so you can spot foundation damage in your home. Here are some signs of foundation damage and repairs your home might need.

Signs Of Foundation Damage In A Slab Home

When the foundation shifts, you might see cracks on the exterior walls of your house. It's good to have exterior cracks checked to see if they are signs your home needs foundation repairs so the repairs can be done in a timely manner.

You might also see cracks along interior walls. You might also notice the floor is no longer even or that doors don't swing freely. If several windows don't lower easily any longer, they may be out of alignment due to the shifting of your home.

It may be difficult to know if the problems in your home are caused by foundation damage, so hire a contractor to check the situation. In addition to verifying your home needs foundation repairs, the contractor may work to uncover the reason behind the problem.

Reasons A Home Develops Foundation Problems

If the foundation of your home shifts or sinks, the problem is usually in the soil under your home. The root cause might be a change in usual weather conditions. Soil that stays saturated or flooded can be as much of a problem as soil that dries out in a drought since the soil expands and contracts in response to environmental factors.

Foundation problems can also develop due to drainage issues that cause rain to flow toward your home and foundation rather than drain away toward the street. Your home's foundation might also be damaged by an earthquake or sinkhole development.

Foundation Repairs That Might Be Needed

The soil under your home can be stabilized so it doesn't shift. This is done by injecting chemical foam or a concrete slurry mixture under the foundation. When this is done, the uneven foundation is leveled out and the mixture under the foundation dries to fill voids and form a hard, stable surface that supports your home.

Part of the repairs might also include putting a French drain near your house, or at least redirecting the gutter downspout so rain flows away from the foundation. If you've recently had landscaping done that altered the slope of your yard, you might need to make changes so the slope of your property ensures good drainage around your house.

For more information about foundation repair, contact a local contractor.