A faucet is necessary in order to get water out of the pipes and to be useful for your needs, such as to do the dishes, take a shower, or wash your hands. If your faucet isn't working properly, you're going to end up with issues being able to do these most basic things in your home. You can have your faucet repaired, or repair it on your own, but at some point, repairing your faucet is not going to be possible any longer. If you aren't sure if you need to invest in a new faucet, read on for a few reasons why you should.

1. The Faucet Is Rotting Through

If your faucet is rotting through, as in the metal is beginning to be eaten away, it's time to replace the faucet. The exposed metal can cause water to begin to leak through, or someone could get injured on the jagged edges of the metal. If the faucet is rotting, replace it with a new one. The rest of the faucet can begin to rot, eventually leaving you with an unsightly mess of a faucet. Not exactly the look you might be going for in your home, if so, it may be time to replace your existing faucet with a new one.

2. The Faucet Has Calcium Buildup

If you have hard water and it is building up with calcium, it can block the water from coming out of the screen. If you've tried a calcium remover to get rid of it, but it's still there, you may need to replace the faucet. Chances are, the calcium has built up around the handles, the base, and more, making your faucet appear unsightly. You may want to consider a new faucet and a water softener as well to prevent this calcium buildup from ruining your faucets in your home.

3. You Want A New Look

If you have a builder-grade faucet in your home or something that looks like it came out of the '70s, you may want to consider having a new faucet installed. To help change the look of your kitchen or bathroom, have a new faucet installed in your home by a professional plumber. Get that beautiful waterfall faucet in your bathroom, or get the farmhouse faucet you want in your kitchen. Make the investment and reap the rewards from the updated look you've been wanting.

If you aren't sure if you should invest in a new faucet, contact a local plumbing company like Tonka  Plumbing Heating &  Cooling Inc about having one installed in your home. Don't live with an unsightly faucet that doesn't work properly. Hire a professional and get it replaced.