Managing large crowds can be a challenge for big multiple day events, and nowhere is this more apparent than when it comes to the restroom situation. Portable restrooms are the best option for dealing with this necessary human need, and the following tips can help ensure that your portable toilets are comfortable, clean, and as welcoming as possible.

1. Spread Out the Units

Clumping all the restroom units in one area may seem convenient when it comes to dropping off, pumping, or pick up, but there are some major drawbacks to this strategy. For large events, it can be very inconvenient for the guests to trek all the way to the restroom area. Further, clumping all the portable restroom units together is more likely to lead to a stinky situation since all the waste will be concentrated in one location. If you have the room and suitable sites, then consider placing small groupings of two to five restrooms at various points around the perimeter of your event area. This can also help with traffic control around the event field since people won't be clumping together in one area.

2. Provide the Right Accessories

You need more than just the portable toilet units to ensure proper hygiene and the comfort of your guests. Make sure the units come equipped with toilet paper and hand sanitizer stations at a minimum. An even better option, particularly at events that feature food service, is to also rent handwashing stations. Place a station at each toilet grouping as well as a couple of handwashing stations around the food court area. Climate control accessories can also make portable toilets more pleasant to use, as well as less smelly. If the temperatures are expected to be hot, choose units with solar or battery-powered vent fans. In cold weather, consider units equipped with heaters.

3. Hire Dedicated Attendant Staff

It can be tempting to cut costs by allowing your event staff to attend to restroom maintenance in addition to their normal duties, but this can be a recipe for disaster. A better option is to hire dedicated restroom attendants whose sole job is to patrol the restrooms and clean them or restock them as necessary. Having attendants on duty and visible can also help cut down on uncouth restroom behavior, as event-goers will be less likely to vandalize or otherwise mess up the restrooms if the staff is visible and nearby.

Your multi-day event requires proper attention to the toilet needs of your guests. Work with the portable toilet rental company to ensure everything goes smoothly when it comes to the available restroom facilities.