Manufactured homes are economical and easy to have assembled in a timely manner. They can be perfectly nice places to live, but because they are built faster and less expensively than the average home, they can be prone to a number of issues, especially with the plumbing. If you know what issues to watch out for, however, you can catch them early and have them handled before too much damage results.

Problem #1: Leaky PEX connections.

PEX is a new material that is being used to make pipes. These pipes, though, are more like hoses — they are flexible and can be bent around corners. PEX pipes are really easy to install, which makes them a popular choice for manufactured homes. The piping itself is actually less prone to leaks over the years since there are no joints. However, the connections to fixtures and faucets are prone to leaks. Make sure you are periodically checking under your sinks for any drips of water. If the wall near your shower or toilet gets damp or develops mold, this is another sign of leaky connections. A plumber can easily come replace the adapter that connects the PEX to the fixture, which should solve the problem.

Problem #2: Plugged vent stacks.

The drain lines in any home need to have vents to allow air to escape. In many homes, there is one vent stack that vents the whole plumbing system. However, in a lot of manufactured homes, there are separate vents for different parts of the plumbing system. This allows the pre-made home parts to be pieced together more easily. The downfall is that the more vents you have, the more likely you are to have an issue with them.

The most common problem is for these vents to become blocked, usually by birds' nests or leaves on the roof. A plumber can easily clear the blockage and put a new cap on the vent, but you do want to have this done promptly, as clogged vents can cause the connected sewer lines to back up. Signs of a plugged vent include slow drains, gurgling noises coming from pipes, and nasty sewage odors in the home.

Plugged vents and leaky PEX connections are quite common in pre-manufactured homes. Thankfully, both issues are easy for a plumber to solve if you catch them early. Contact a plumber in your area if you ever need any plumbing services.