It's always inconvenient when you don't have running water in your home. You may even be in an emergency situation if you have no stored drinking water and you can't flush your toilets. There are a few things that can cause your water well to stop supplying water, and you'll probably need professional help to fix the problem. Here are some things that might be the cause of no water from your well.

A Pump Malfunction

When your well stops producing water, the pump is a common culprit. If you have a submersible pump, you can't examine it since it's at the bottom of the well. However, you can check the breaker to see if the pump has power. If there's power to the pump but the pump isn't working, that's a sign there could be something wrong with the pump or its electrical system. If the breaker has flipped and you flip it back on only to have it flip off right away, that's also a sign of an electrical or pump problem that needs to be diagnosed by a professional so repairs can be done.

The Water Level Has Dropped

If the pump can't reach the water, then it won't be able to pump out water even if the pump is working properly. It might be possible to lower the pump to the level of the water and solve the problem. It's also possible you'll need to have the well dug deeper. If your area has been afflicted with drought conditions, it's possible the water has run dry. It's usually more cost-effective to deepen your current well than drill an entirely new well, but your contractor can help you understand the situation so you make the right decision. Hydrofracturing might also be an option. This entails fracturing the rock around the well to make cracks for water to flow through.

The Electrical System Has Problems

If your well stopped producing water right after a lightning strike, it's possible the lightning damaged part of the electrical system in the well. If the well still doesn't work once power is restored to your home, then call a contractor to run a check on the entire electrical system to pinpoint the problem and repair damaged equipment.

Your well has many parts that work together to bring water from under the ground to the storage tank. It can be perplexing when your home doesn't have water, and there probably isn't much you can do to repair the well yourself. Instead, call a contractor as soon as you can so you don't have to be without water longer than necessary. For more information, contact companies like Action Well & Pump Repair.