If you're like most people, you probably don't give your drains much thought. That is, until you're dealing with a clog or some foul odors. Once that happens, your drains become very important to you. What you might not realize is that keeping your drains clean can actually reduce the occurrence of plumbing problems. Here are a few of the reasons you shouldn't postpone drain cleaning any longer.

Prevent Sewer Blockages

If it's been a few years—or longer—since you had your drains cleaned, your home is at risk for sewer blockages. Just because your drains seem to be flowing smoothly doesn't mean that everything is making its way through to the main sewer. In fact, chances are good that quite a bit of the debris from your sinks and toilets is actually sticking around in the drains. Unfortunately, if that debris has been building up for a few years, it's just a matter of time before you have a total blockage inside your sewer pipes. Once that happens, you could be looking at a ruptured pipe, which will be quite costly to repair. To prevent the sewer blockages and the potential for pipe ruptures, you need to have your drains cleaned at least once a year.

Keep the Pests Away

If your drains are dirty, you could be attracting neighborhood pests. You might not think about pest infestations when you think of dirty drains, but you should. That's because the odors that are being emitted from your drains are being sent through the air. Unfortunately, that means that any of the bugs in the area, including roaches, will pick up the scent and head your way. If that happens, you'll be dealing with at least three major issues. First, you'll have dirty drains that need to be cleaned. Second, you'll have foul odors coming up through the drains. Finally, you'll have a pest infestation on your hands. You can eliminate all three problems by having your drains cleaned.

Stop the Back Flow Issues

If you've been noticing brown water stains in your bathtub, or foul-smelling liquid has been backing up into your washing machine, chances are good that you're dealing with clogged and dirty drain pipes. As your drains fill with debris, water is no longer able to flow through to the main sewer line. Unfortunately, that means you'll be left to deal with the residual liquid that backs up into your home. With annual drain cleaning, you can stop the back flow issues once and for all.

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