When your plumbing needs repiping services, what this means is that your existing pipes need to be replaced. This is a job that should not be ignored, as faulty pipes in the home can lead to expensive repairs or even flooding that damages the rest of the home. When repiping is done, all the pipes in the home are replaced and updated, including both hot and cold water pipes.

Does your plumbing need to be repiped? You won't notice that you have a plumbing issue right away, and it takes the inspection of a skilled plumber to let you know if this work needs to be done. Here are signs repiping is something your home needs.

Constant leaks

Does your home suffer from leaks under every sink, or even along your walls or in your basement? It's likely not a coincidence that so many of your pipes are breaking at once. The reality may be that your pipes are deteriorating and the pressure from one broken pipe leads to another damaged pipe, and so on. Before you experience a nasty flood in your house, have repiping done on your entire property.

Colored water

If your water supply is running a rusty red color, a dull yellow, or looks like it has dirt or other matter in it when you run the tap, your pipes may be to blame. When pipes start to wear out, they release small bits of matter into your water supply, both hot and cold, and you should have the situation looked at by a plumber.

If only your hot water is affected, then your water heater may need new pipes. However, colored water is a concern and may mean your pipes are ready to be replaced. You could opt for a newer option, like uponor repiping, which won't corrode and leave your water discolored.

Dated pipes

Modern pipes are designed to last and most are not even made of metal, which deteriorates and rusts with time. If your home has copper pipes or old metal pipe fittings, your plumbing can be compromised. If you don't know the last time your home's plumbing was updated or you live in an older home with many of its original structure, have your plumbing checked out to see if repiping is necessary.

Home renovations

If you're already in the process of renovating your home, now is the time to have your house repiped. Repiping is an upgrade that can add value to your home; speak to a real estate agent to see if repiping your home is best for increasing your home's value.