The holiday season typically comes with drain issues for those who aren't prepared for it. The weather, overuse, and negligence are some of the things to blame for this. Take the following precautions to avoid drain problems during the holiday season:

Fix Drain Issues before the Holidays

If your plumbing system is showing telltale signs of drain problems, then you need to fix them before the holiday season hits. This is good advice for everyone, but it is particularly true if you are expecting more people in your home. This is because your plumbing system will be overtaxing itself during the holidays, which may blow small problems into serious issues.

For example, if the drains are already slow then you should clean them as soon as possible; don't wait for clogging. If you have a septic system and you haven't pumped the tank for some time, have it pumped and ready for the holiday season.

Watch What Goes Into the Disposal

The garbage disposal is meant for getting rid of food remains, but there are some types of food it cannot handle. Specifically, you should not use the garbage disposal to dispose of food that it cannot easily break down into small pieces. These are majorly hard foods such as bones, fruit, grease, and oil that the disposal cannot grind, as well as foods that can get caught in the grinders such as celery. Dispose of such foods elsewhere so that they don't pass through the disposal and block your drains.

Place a Trash Cans In Strategic Places

If, like most people, you will be having guests during the holidays, then you should place trash cans in strategic places to catch trash that may otherwise go down the drain. For example, you should have a trash can in the bathroom so that whoever is tempted to flush trash down the toilet disposes of it in the trash instead. You can also have another trash can near the kitchen sink to catch food remains that may otherwise clog the kitchen drain.

Flush Your Drains Once In A While

Despite your best efforts, your drains may experience more debris than usual during the holidays. All the cooking you will be doing and all the guests you will be getting will see to that. Therefore, make it a point to pour hot water down the drains every few days to get rid of any clogs before they grow big enough. 

For help with your drains, turn to a drain cleaning professional today to ensure you're prepared this holiday season.