Porta potties are a basic necessity for a construction site and can prevent embarrassments associated with taking a leak outdoors or having an accident, due to not being able to make it to a bathroom in time. Unfortunately, porta potties can tip over if they are not set up properly or if a prankster is looming in the vicinity. As a result of tipping, raw sewage could penetrate the ground.

Learn The Basics Associated With Setup

Each restroom unit should be placed on a flat, paved surface that is next to a durable structure. If pavement isn't present on the job site, choose a dirt or sand surface that is firm.

Take the time to rake or sweep the ground prior to having portable restrooms dropped off at the construction site. This will allow you to collect loose stones, leaves, or other debris that could cause one or more of the units to be wobbly. A wobbly unit will be more likely to tip over, especially if high winds are forecasted. 

Each portable restroom does not require plumbing. Instead of plumbing, a built-in waste receptacle is self-contained in a unit. Although units are sanitized prior to being rented, foul odors will not be masked if a unit tips over. 

Ward Off Trespassers

It may be hard to accept one's fascination with causing destruction, especially when it concerns something as nondescript as a porta potty. Unfortunately, there are people in this world who get a kick out of causing problems, and tipping over a porta potty may be of interest if the rental units are easily accessible.

To ward off trespassers, use temporary fencing to outline the restroom area. Hang signs from the fencing that forbid anyone to enter the premises. Signs that state that you intend to prosecute violators and that a fine will be imposed may be just enough of a threat to deter pranksters. 

Use Lights And Cameras And Inspect Units Each Morning

If a power pole is located on the premises, connect a motion light up to it. The light may make it seem as if someone is present during occasions when your construction business is closed. A camera that is placed near the porta potties is invaluable if you suspect that someone has been trespassing and you would like to determine who the suspect is.

Check out the status of the porta potties at the beginning of each day. If a unit needs to be serviced, contact the rental company and request that the porta potty that is affected is picked up and a replacement porta potty for construction sites is dropped off.