If you are planning an outdoor party to celebrate your college graduation, you need to ensure everyone stays comfortable. One thing to consider is the bathroom. If there are no bathrooms close by or you do not want everyone to run in and out of your home when they need to go you can hire a company to bring portable toilets to you. This will ensure everyone stays comfortable. If you would like this, below are some tips on using portable toilets so you can get them set up.

Make Sure There Are Enough

The last thing you want to have happen is to have everyone standing in line at the portable toilet. Because of this make sure there are enough of them. You could rent enough to mark some as female and some as male to make things more comfortable for your party goers.

Tell the company you hire how many people will be at the party and they can help you choose the right amount. You will pay more money for renting more toilets, but this is money well spent. There is often a discount for bulk rentals.

Choose the Right Types

When you contact the portable toilet company you will find there are many types to choose from. For example, there are portable toilets that have hot and cold water inside of them to allow people to wash their hands. To have this feature, there will need to be electricity available, however. You should choose at least one disabled portable toilet just in case this is needed. These toilets have a ramp, a much larger opening, and a larger interior to give people more room to maneuver.

Talk with the portable toilet company about these and other types they may rent to their customers.

Make Sure there Is Service Available

Ask the company if they will service the portable toilets if something goes wrong. You do not want a toilet to fail and have a bad smell at your party. This could easily ruin your celebration. If you only have one or two toilets and something goes wrong with either one of them this will make things worse for you.

Just in case something happens ask the portable toilet company if they are available to contact 24/7. This way they can get to you quickly to take care of anything that may happen.

Talk with the company you hire, and they can give you much more information about renting portable toilets for your party.