A utility sink is a useful addition to your laundry room. These sinks are deeper and larger than a traditional kitchen sink so you can fill mop buckets, soak clothing, wash off garden tools, and do a variety of other chores that can't be done in a small kitchen or bathroom sink. A plumber can install a new utility sink whether there are hookups or not, although it's easier if the hookups are already there. Here are some things to know.

You May Need A Permit

If your home already has hookups, then you may not need a permit to install a utility sink. If it's necessary to alter the current pipes or add new pipes, then a permit might be needed. An inspection is also required when you get a permit and this ensures the work is done up to code and that the new setup is safe. Sewer odors wafting into your home can be dangerous, so an inspector may want to ensure the sink is installed properly if major changes were made to your home's plumbing.

You Can Buy A Standalone Sink

You can cut down on the amount of labor that's needed if you buy a sink that has legs on it. This eliminates the need to install a cabinet to hold the sink and it should make the installation easier. You can buy a small table or cart to sit next to the sink to hold laundry supplies, so not having a cabinet isn't an inconvenience. Plus, having a sink on metal, fiberglass, or plastic legs avoids problems you might have with dampness causing rot in a wood cabinet if you install the sink in the basement or garage.

Choose A Spot Near A Drain And Water Pipes

If you have hookups, the location of your utility sink is predetermined. Otherwise, you can place the sink in the most convenient location. Still, it's best to choose a place that's near a drain and water pipes if you want to control the installation cost. The plumber needs to cut into the existing pipe, which could even involve tearing out part of the wall. A trap is necessary under the sink to prevent sewer gas from getting in your house, and the sink needs to be connected to the drain and vent system.

The cost of having a utility sink installed will depend on the amount of work the plumber has to do, but sometimes it is worth paying more to have the sink in a place where you want it. However, placing it near your washing machine is a good choice since pipes and a drain are already present there and possibly accessible without having to tear open a wall.

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