Before you buy a house, you want to make sure it won't need major repairs unless you're planning to renovate anyway. Even if you have plans to renovate, you want to know if the basic systems such as the plumbing and sewer are in good repair since they are out of sight and can't be inspected visually. It's worth it to pay for a video inspection of the sewer to make sure you won't be facing thousands of dollars in repairs shortly after buying the house. Here is some important information you can glean from a video inspection.

The Amount Of Pipe Corrosion Present

If the sewer pipe is old, it might be corroded and close to failing due to age. A video inspection delivers HD video of the inside of the pipe so you can clearly see rusted areas and scale buildup. You'll find out what the pipe is made of so you know the potential problems it faces whether it's cracking or rusting. Plus, together with the help of the plumber, you can estimate how soon repairs will need to be done to keep the pipe from failing.

Since repairs of a burst sewer pipe could be in the thousands of dollars, you may not want to buy the house if it looks like you'll have to replace or reline the pipe soon. Spending money on a video inspection now could save a lot more money on repairs later on.

The Presence Of Cracks Or Gaps In Seams

It's also important to know if the pipe has cracks or gaps that allow sewage to leak out or storm runoff to leak in and drain into the public sewer system. In some localities, a video inspection of private sewer laterals is required when a house is sold. It's necessary to obtain a certificate that shows the pipe is not cracked or damaged in any way that allows water to seep in.

This information is important for you to know since it gives you time to negotiate a deal with the owner if repairs are required on the home's sewer line. The owner may agree to fix the pipe or drop the price. If not, you may want to think about buying a different home. A video inspection may also be needed when you plan to renovate an old house or put in a new water meter, so understanding local regulations concerning private lateral sewer lines is important when you're ready to buy a house.

Signs Of Clogs And Tree Roots

An old sewer pipe can be nearly closed shut with tree roots, and you'll have no way of knowing unless you have a camera sent down the pipe to take a look. Clogs made of paper and scale buildup are not as serious since these can be cleaned away with a hydro jet. While roots can also be cleaned out with a hydro jet, they tend to grow back, and you could be looking at continual problems with roots in the sewer. Plus, roots can crack and collapse a pipe causing extensive damage. While roots in the pipe may not be a dealbreaker, you at least want to know if they are present.

A sewer camera gives vital information that could save you from expensive repair work at a time when you might not be able to afford it right after buying a house. Plus, your dream home can turn from a happy purchase to a money drain in a hurry if you're hit with an unexpected sewer failure. A video sewer camera inspection will give you peace of mind and possibly help you avoid a bad home purchase.