You've spotted a soggy area in your yard, you've noticed a hike in your water bill, and you are fairly certain that the main water line leading to your home is in need of replacement. The problem is, all you can think about is the major trench that will have to be dug into your green and pristine lawn and just how much of an eyesore that will be even once the job is complete. Thankfully, modern plumbing pipe replacement practices have evolved in such a way that trenchless pipe repair services are a possibility. 

How does trenchless pipe repair work with a water main? 

The trenchless pipe repair process is actually really cool. The plumber will use a machine to burrow into the ground and slip an encapsulating material into the pipe that cures in place and acts as a new liner once it hardens. The new liner will seal off any holes, cracks, or leaking areas in the water main so that you will immediately stop losing unused water. 

Is trenchless water main repair as effective as traditional water line replacement?

During the traditional water main replacement process, all of the old piping material is physically removed after a trench is dug to get down to the pipe. Then, a brand-new plumbing pipe is installed, and the necessary connections are made to restore your water supply. The trenchless process basically involves inserting a new liner into an existing pipe. Of course, the liner method may not always work, especially if the pipe is especially deteriorated to a point that it has collapsed. 

How much is trenchless water line replacement?

Trenchless water line replacement can cost between 30 and 50 percent more than traditional pipe replacement, according to Angie's List. The process that the contractor uses to perform the trenchless pipe replacement process can vary, as can the materials. Therefore, there can be price variances between different companies. 

Do most plumbers offer trenchless pipe replacement?

Trenchless pipe replacement has been around for a while, so many plumbing contractors do offer this service. However, not all of them do because they focus only on traditional pipe replacements. 

Overall, a trenchless pipe repair service can be highly advantageous if you are looking for a rapid repair and as little disruption to your property as possible. If you are interested in trenchless pipe repair, reach out to a plumbing line replacement service for professional advice about this modern repair technique.