Whenever you are arranging for a large outdoor gathering, there may be a need to provide toilets for those attending. Renting portable toilets is not a difficult task, but it will require some preparation and forethought on the part of the event planner.

Place The Toilets In The Shade

Individuals will often fail to consider the amount of heat that a portable toilet can absorb if it is in the sun for long periods of time. In addition to making the interior of the portable toilet uncomfortable for your guests, this may also worsen any odors. By placing the portable toilets in a shaded area, you will be able to keep them at a more comfortable temperature. If the location of your event lacks shaded areas, it is possible to rent portable toilets that have air conditioning.

You May Need To Have The Toilets Emptied

Your portable toilets will have a finite capacity, and if they start to approach this capacity, they should be emptied as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the toilet may start to suffer a number of performance issues including severe odors, leaks, and overflowing toilets. Most portable toilet providers will need at least several hours advance notice before they will be able to come empty the portable toilets. This makes closely monitoring the storage capacity of these toilets essential for large events where this may be a risk.

Some Communities Require Permits For Portable Toilets

As you are planning your event, it may be worth the time to review the local ordinances for portable toilets. Due to the potential health risks that these devices can pose, individuals may be required to obtain permits. Failing to obtain the correct permissions can result in the event being shut down, fines issued, and other penalties. Obtaining a permit to use portable toilets will not be difficult, but it will likely require a modest fee for the permit to be issued.

The Portable Toilets Must Be Anchored To The Ground

Individuals will often underestimate the need to secure their portable toilets to the ground. However, failing to take this step may lead to the toilet becoming unstable. Spikes that can be inserted into the ground will be the most common way of anchoring these toilets. When the portable toilets are placed on concrete, these spikes will not be an option, but it will still be possible to stabilize the toilets. For example, rope or chains can be used to securely anchor the portable toilet to a heavy object.