When a home has been sitting vacant for a while, and someone wants to move in, it is important that you have a plumber inspect the plumbing fixtures in the house, and check whether they are functioning normally. The following are some of the areas where a plumber should check when inspecting the plumbing fixtures.

Water Heater

You should ask a plumber to inspect your water heater too. Generally, water heaters have a lifespan of 10 to 12 years. If the water heater has surpassed that age limit, you should ask your plumber to replace it. In addition, check whether it is installed in the correct location to see if it will cause problems in case of leaks.


You should have a plumber inspect whether there are any signs of leaks at the base of the toilet because they can cause serious damages to the house. Sealing the leak can prevent the problem from worsening. In addition, you should check whether the toilet is rocking or warping at its base and whether it is discolored. Furthermore, don't forget to flush the toilet to check whether the flushing mechanism is functioning well and confirm if there are clogs.

Water Supply Lines

  1. Check the age of the water pipes, and see whether they need replacement or not

  2. Does the house have plastic or copper piping? Plastic and water pipes do not rust like steel. But some plastic pipes like PVC pipes are not approved to be used for plumbing purposes. If the house has PVC pipes, they should be changed.

  3. If the pipes are made out of galvanized steel, there is a possibility they are old, and they need replacement. Check whether the pipes have started to rust.

  4. Does the plumbing fixtures, particularly the pipes have different materials? If so, it is an indication of previous minor repairs, and this might need replacement.

  5. Lead pipes installed in the house should be replaced

Drain Lines

Although drain lines do not corrode, it is important to ensure that you inspect your drain for signs of corrosion.

Water Taps

Open the water taps to check for any signs of corrosion. If the house has been vacant for a while, then it is usual for the water taps to have some rust.

Water Pressure

Lastly, you need to test the water pressure in the house. You can use a water pressure gauge to check if the water pressure in the house is too high or too low. For more information, contact your local toilet repair service.