It's not the most glorious aspect of your business, but the plumbing always needs to be in working condition. You can make sure it is by following these commercial plumbing maintenance steps. 

1. Unclog Slow Drains 

At some point, the drains in your building may build up dirt, debris, and other gunk. They can make it hard for water to go down, and then after a while, they may get clogged up completely. You can prevent this from happening by unclogging drains the moment water starts going down slowly.

For this clog removal, you'll want to purchase commercial cleaners. Look for cleaners that have fast-acting ingredients that can effectively break up whatever is slowing down water. It may also be necessary to send hot water down slow-responding drains to create enough activity to break up the clog.

2. Inspect Toilet Seals 

The seals at the bottom of your toilets play an extremely important role: they prevent water from getting out and causing severe water damage. Make an effort to inspect these seals -- which are located directly at the base of your toilets -- every couple of months.

If you notice visible signs of damage where water is coming through, you need to act fast. Try finding a sealant with a temperature-resistant and waterproof design. Then after applying it to the damaged areas, no temperature fluctuations or water will break down this seal. It will keep the perimeter of your toilets completely dry, as they should be.

3. Hire a Plumber

If you're experiencing a severe plumbing issue that doesn't seem to be going away, such as a deep toilet clog, then you'll want to hire a professional plumber. They can effectively inspect your commercial plumbing quickly and safely.

Some of the more helpful services they can provide include deep clog removal, leaky faucet repair, and 24-7 emergency response. These services will ensure your commercial plumbing is effectively repaired and maintained before you have to deal with costly, time-consuming problems. Just make sure the plumber you hire is competent with commercial properties and has the appropriate licenses and insurance.

If you own a commercial property, a huge responsibility you have is maintaining the commercial plumbing. Although this doesn't sound like a fun job, it's an important one. When you follow the right care steps and get help from professional plumbers at the appropriate times, your commercial plumbing can work great over the years.